Monday, January 3, 2011

Reasons Why:

I shouldn't have come to school today.

I got to school and couldn't find my plan book. I have looked everywhere in my classroom. I am hoping that somehow it is on my desk in my room at home, that is the only place it could be. There are 1 million important papers in that folder, along with my plans and dates for the year! AHHH!

This part you may not want to read about, but it was a big part of my day. I had a little over an hour prep time this morning, with 5 big projects I wanted to complete. I was in the middle of the biggest one when my bloody nose from earlier this morning returned. (Growing up we always got bloody noses, so this wasn't a big concern. And I also had a 5 minute one earlier.)

30 minutes and 1 tissue box later, it decided to stop. But during those 30 minutes I managed to get blood:

- all over my face and hands
- all over my new sweater
- on my new scarf
- destroyed my white cami
- worst of all, on my new white watch

( Most of which will come out, but in the middle of it happening, I cried {actually turned into sobbing} because all of my new favorite clothes were ruined.) 

This was not your average bloody nose, this was insane. It was basically gushing blood. I couldn't replace my tissues without blood getting somewhere.

Today I wore patterned tights with boots and a skirt. So I after I had to wear an ugly red viking vineyard t-shirt with those. I looked Wonderful!

All of my kids wanted to know why I was doing my laundry in the classroom sink....


Karie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! And I'm so sorry I didn't know so I could help out . . . somehow! :( Tomorrow HAS to be better! And if it isn't, I'm taking your kids for ALL of Wednesday. :D

Mary said...

sorry your life was crap today-- i hope your kids were at least good........ hope tommorrow is better

Emily Jones said...

Oh you poor thing! That sounds awful. It's moments like those that you wish you could just go home and curl up in a ball. I hope your stains come out!

perdue family said...

oh i love you. Thank you for that awesome story.